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Affiliation and recognition of the college:

  • State Council of Educational Research and Training (S.C.E.R.T.), Assam 
  • F.No. ER-186.6.12/ERCAPP2062/ D.El.Ed./2015/31575 dated 06-05-2015; 2015-16

Basic Training Centre (BTC), Chenga (Government Institution) is a Govt. school established in 1964. Our school focuses on creating a friendly environment and providing quality teaching and learning. The school offers a comprehensive curriculum enhanced with a wide range of extracurricular activities, including many sports and practical music programs.

i               History of the institution:             The Basic Training Centre (BTC), Chenga, Assam is a Government Institution established in 1964 with a                                                                                Gandhian Philosophy. The institution has been recognized by NCTE for conducting D.El.Ed. course in the                                                                                year 2015-16

Ii              Vision Statement             :               To generate quality prospective teacher for elementary schools of the State of Assam.

iii             Mission and Objectives  :               To provide Pre-service and in-service teacher training to generate competent teachers for the                                                                                elementary stage as per qualification mandated under NCTE norms and standards 2014

iv             Significant Achievements and contributions in the field of education, such as Awards/ Recognition, Eminent, Alumni etc:-      

                Significant Achievements, if any                :               Does not arise

                Contribution in the field of education     :               Trained in-service teachers of the State since inception

                Award and Recognition received               :               Does not arise

                Eminent Alumni                                               :               Does not arise

                Any other information                                   :               Does not arise





1. Campus and Infrastructure

a)         Available of land area in square meter           :           26 bighas 1 katha 1 lecha

b)         Whether the available land is on                      :           Government land

c)         Built up area in square meter                            :           24939.72

d)         Fire Safety equipment has been installed     :           Yes

If, yes mention if the same are installed as

per building Bye law                                                            :           Yes

e)         Mention the facilities available for differently

abled persons                                                                         :           No

f)          Mention, if hostel facilities are available         :           Yes

If, yes             

(i)         Mention, if separate facilities are available for female students        :           Yes

            Mentioned the number of male and/or female students for whom

            facilities are available                                              :           For male 20 and for female 15.

g)         (i) Available Infrastructure and size in sq. ft.       

            Infrastructure  Whether available                 Yes/No                               Size in sq. ft.

            Classroom                                                                 Yes                                          2816.97

            Multipurpose Hall                                                  Yes                                          3034.64

            Library cum Reading Room                                Yes                                           2014.27

            ICT Resource Centre                                             Yes                                             145.76

            Curriculum Laboratory                                         Yes                                             312.04

            Art & Craft Resource Centre                              Yes                                             312.04

            Health and Physical Education

            Resource Centre                                                     Yes                                             312.04

            Multipurpose Playfield                                         Yes                                          7225


 (ii) Whether following facilities are available in the Institution:

a.         Principals Office                                                                                              Yes

b.         Staff’s room                                                                                                      Yes

c.         Administrative office                                                                                      Yes

d.         Visitors room   No

e.         Separate Common room for male & female student                            No

f.          Seminar room                                                                                                   Yes

g.         Canteen                                                                                                               No

h.         Separate toilet facilities for male and female students                      Yes

i.          Separate toilet facilities for staff                                                                Yes

j.          Separate toilet facilities for differently abled persons                         No

k.         Parking space                                                                                                     Yes

l.          Open space for additional accommodation                                             Yes

m.        Store room                                                                                                          Yes

n.         Medical facility                                                                                                    No


2. Number of Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff:

Number of Staff position as on 29-11-2016

A          Principal/ HOD (in-charge)                                                                  1

B          Academic Staff          

            Teacher Educator                                                                                    5

            Any other (Part Time faculty)                                                              2

            Total Academic Staff                                                                              7

C         Total Administrative Technical and Professional Staff                           7

D         No. of vacant position as on the date of last Revision of website      2


Academic Position      No. of vacant position            other staff                    No. of vacant position

Principal/ HOD                        1                                  Administrative Staff                    1

Teacher Educator                   Nil                                Technical Staff                             Nil

                                                                                          Professional Staff                        Nil


E          Number of Academic and Other Staff recruited during the current session

            Academic                    2

            Other                           2

F          Number of Academic and Other Staff who left the institution during the current session (2016-17)                        Nil

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