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Affiliation and recognition of the college:

  • State Council of Educational Research and Training (S.C.E.R.T.), Assam 
  • F.No. ER-186.6.12/ERCAPP2062/ D.El.Ed./2015/31575 dated 06-05-2015; 2015-16

Right to Information (RTI)

The RTI Act prescribes a very simple procedure for obtaining information. It requires :

Step 1. - Writing an application specifying the particulars of the information sought. 
Step 2. - Submitting the evidence of payment of application fee along with the application. 
Step 3. - Sending the application to the concerned Public Information Officer /Assistant Public Information Officer.

The essential requirements of an application filed under the RTI Act are:
(a) The applicant should be a citizen of India.
(b) The application should contain the particulars of information sought.
(c) The evidence of payment of application fee should be enclosed.
(d) The address of the applicant should be available for sending a reply.

Personal details except those necessary for contacting an applicant are neither required to be mentioned nor can be called for by the PIO.